About me

I am Dana Fatol, the founder of Dana Fatol Individual Law Office.

I am a solicitor and consultancy lawyer, with a rich experience in legal assistance for individuals and businesses in Romania and abroad.

Since graduating from the Law Faculty and Master courses and until the establishment of my lawyer’s office, I have gained experience working in Bucharest in large consulting houses for companies, in debt recovery, in assistance and in court representation of individuals. Thanks to this complex experience, I can easily see the overall picture of the client’s situation, and I can advise him on several areas of law. For example, in the case of a litigation, my assistance is not limited to the action in court, but also includes the forced execution phase. In the case of consultancy, I will not advise my client only on civil law, but also on other branches of law.

Since most of my experience has been acquired in large and medium-sized consulting firms in the capital city of Romania, I work on quality standards specific to large law firms, and these standards can make a difference in court actions or in a document. However, the fees I apply are adapted to an average city in size, and individualized not only according to the legal issue presented to me, but also according to the client, providing a guarantee of quality to my services.

To ensure the quality of the services offered to you without any risk to you, no matter what you are experiencing, I will give you a first, free, brief opinion regarding your problem, within 48 hours of receiving your message. If it is a legal issue that I do not have the expertise to solve, I will mention this in the answer for you, and I will try to point you to another specialist who can help you.