Services for companies

Legal assistance on any given matter – drafting legal opinions on various areas of the law
Drafting and reviewing any type of legal agreement
  • I will draft and rewie for my client any type of agreement such as, but not limited to: rental agreements, sale-purchase agreements, donation agreements, labor law agreements etc.
Labor law services
  • I will draft and review any documents mandatory according to Labor law, such as: Rules of Internal Order, employment contracts, additional acts, etc.
  • If an employee must be dismissed, I will advice my client on the legal manner to do that, as to insure the employee will not consider itself as unjustly treated and to insure the company is not sued by the employee;
  • I will ensure the compliance of the clients internal documents with labor law.
Recovery of debt
  • Amiably – using  agreements or payment orders, as the case may be;
  • In court procedures – using the payment ordinance procedure;
  • By forced execution.
Complete Company Registration and Authorization Services: 
  • Legal analysis prior to the registration
  • Drafting, certifying and submitting documents for registration in the Registry of Commerce;
  • Obtaining mandatory licenses (including filing tax files at the City Hall, obtaining a functioning authorization, obtaining licenses for music use, obtaining permits and authorizations specific to the activity);
  • Consultancy, assistance, representation before the Trade Registry for any company changes;
  • Opening workstations, changing headquarters / associates, prolongation of administrator mandate, etc;
  • Dissolution, liquidation and radiation of legal persons;
  • Due dilligence services.
Representation services
  • Representation of the customer in front of te Romanian authorities (City Hall, Taxation Offices, Courts, etc.) in order to obtain documents from these authorities;
  • Court representation in various civil and commercial procedures.
Obtaining certified translations of various documents
Obtaining legalization or apostille on various documents