Services for individuals

Preparing written legal analyses on any given topic 
Drafting and reviewing any type of legal agreement (labor law agreements, rental agreements, sale-purchase agreements, donation agreements) 
Assistance and representation in court in the field of family law such as:
  • Divorces by mutual agreement;
  • Divorces on the sole fault of one of the parties;
  • Exercising parental authority over the minor;
  • The obligation to pay / increase the maintenance benefit of the minor.
Assistance and representation in forced execution procedures:
  • Verifying the legality of the execution;
  • Drafting / supporting / combating claims from appeals to forced execution;
  • Drafting / supporting / combating claims in requests for the suspension of forced execution;
  • Negotiating / signing payment commitments.
Representing the customer to obtain documents from various authorities (City Hall, Taxation Offices, Courts, etc.)
Obtaining certified translations for various documents
Obtaining legalization or apostille of various documents